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News - Mid-America Series sponsored by Monster Energy
Rocky Mountain ATV/MC contingency
We are happy to announce Rocky Mountain ATV/MC as an addition to our contingency program. They will be giving every rider a $10 gift card for each of the remaining rounds of the Mid America Series this year.  Each rider will get one gift card per race, not per class.  Please note: Riders will have to make sure we have their correct mailing address on their AMA card and in our database so they will get the cards. Get more information
NEW!!!!  The Last Chance Championship!
Since we only had 2 races in the Spring, that made it impossible for us to have a Spring And Fall Championship. So this year we will only have The Last Chance Championship.

Riders that were not able to make the minimum of the 6 races to be eligible for the Full Year End Mid America Championship awards, we will take their 4 Best races. You would have had to ride at Least 4 races of the series to be eligible for this Championship. For example, If you rode 6 races you are eligible for the Full Year End awards. If you rode 5 races, your Best 4 will count and we will throw out your worst. Like last year, these awards will be smaller but the Riders will still be eligible for all other rider prizes and a chance for the Pit Bike at the Banquet.
    Pinto's Kustoms & Collision By ProDaddy, Autobody Repair
Check out the great work Pinto's did on our safety helmets for our crew this year.  Contact them to get your custom helmet! 
  What color pit bike do you want? We have been ask over and over how we are going to top last years banquet. Well to do that we have to start working on it now. At the 2015 Mid America Banquet the Mid America MX series will be giving away two SSR pit bikes. We want to know what color bikes you would like to have a chance at winning.

Both will be announced/drawn at the the 2015 Awards Banquet. One will be drawn at the banquet, the first ticket pulled and set aside like we did for the Shades of Gray and JM Suspension rebuild and only the riders that are receiving an year end awards at the banquet will be able to win that pit-bike. The 2nd bike will be raffled off through out the season with all the proceeds going to Action Sports EMS. Both bikes will be given away at the Mid America banquet but you do not have to attend the banquet to win the Action Sports bike. Full details and rules for both the raffle and the drawing will be posted soon.  Bikes provides at a discounted price by http://www.fentonpowersports.com
  Shades of Gray will be the titled sponsor for Round 3 at Indian Hills.  Details to follow. 
  Mid America MX Series presented by RAM TRUCKS Round 2 May 4th, 2014
 - Greene Acres - Contingencies: Honda, KTM
This past weekend marked round number 2 of the Mid-America Motocross Series. This weekend's round saw the re-emergence of Greene Acres Mx Park in Kane Illinois. One of the many cool things about this race series is that there is a practice day offered on Saturday for riders to get a chance to become accustomed to the track. Upon arrival, I noticed that quite a few riders / families were taking advantage of the practice day given to them. It is really cool to see riders turn out for extra track time before Sunday's races, because practice days usually seem to make the racing on Sunday that much better, due to riders getting a chance to become familiar with the layout and obstacles. Another cool thing about having a practice day on Saturday, is that it allows families and friends to just sort of chill out and socialize together before the hustle and bustle of race day. I'm not exactly sure what Sunday's rider count was, but every class seemed to have a decent amount in them and the racing as a whole was pretty good. The track crew, the staff, the land-owners, and everyone involved did a really good job in my eyes of providing everyone with a place to congregate on the weekend and enjoy some motocross! Shades of Gray Custom Paint and Design would like to once again give thanks to all involved for allowing us to be a part of this series, the riders for supporting these races, and would like to encourage those who have not yet attended one of these events to please do so! Thank you again, and we hope to see you all at round 3 in Du Quoin Illinois May 24 - 25!

By, Wheels
  JMP Cycles will be the titled sponsor for Round 2 at Greene Acres.  They will offer gift cards for the top 3 in the youth classes, a prize for the JMP Riders Meeting, and 4 hole-shot awards!
  Round 1 at ROMP on April 6 had us all pretty pumped with the amount of new 50cc riders that showed up!  The gates were pretty full in all 4 available 50cc Classes.  We also had quite a few new people on bigger bikes.  The Mid America MX Series is about growing the MX sport in this area/region and it seems to be working. Please be sure to check out the results through the quick link on the top right of this page.  And as always if you have any questions at please do not hesitate to contact Ed or Lil T anytime!  For example, let me introduce you to Racer "X" aka Matilynn Sweeney!  This was her first gate drop and every time I saw this little girl she had the Biggest smile on her face all Day!  The young man starting next to her on the #57 is Landon Dickerman who this was his very first race ever as well.  Thanks to Glory Hog for all the great pics!  be sure to check them out at  www.gloryhog.com   
  Our New Drink Partner for 2014
For those of you that were a part of the Series in 2013, you have surely seen some changes in the 2014 Series already!  We have a new Title sponsor with RAM Trucks and a new energy drink sponsor of SoZo Motorsports that is all natural and good for the entire family! SoZo Motorsports has recently announced April 15th to an exclusive agreement to be the Official Beverage Partner of AMA Pro Road Race and Pro Flat Track across the nation.  They will be at all or most of the Mid America Rounds handing out samples of their product.  They have a lot to offer our Series as we will elaborate a little more next week, but just a little hint....there is a 2014 Suzuki GSX-R600 that you can all have a chance to WIN in the mix!!! 
  It pays to FLY in FLY RACING Gear!
FLY Racing is proud to support the MAMS for 2014. Fly Racing supports local racing through the FLY Racer Contingency Program and your local motorcycle dealer! Check out the great benefi ts available for registered racers. Download the Contingency Form
  KTM just came on board to provide  contingency for all 10 rounds!  $18,000 in KTM Bucks will be available for the series. Visit KTM Contingency for more details
  2014 Mid America MX Series
The 2014 Mid America MX Series will consist of ten total rounds. Each rider will get one (1) throw-out. (if you have to miss a race, that is your throw-out, or if you race all ten rounds your lowest score will be your throw-out and will not count toward your total year end points) Each rider MUST ride seven (7) races to be considered for the year end points championship.

   Round 1, 4/6, ROMP MX

   Round 2, 5/4, Greene Acres
   Round 3, 5/25, Indian Hills MX
   Round 4, 6/8, The Track at Holzhauer's (Pro-Am)
   Round 5, 6/22, Crossroads
   Round 6, 8/24, Boone Valley
   Round 7, 9/7, EURO
   Round 8, 9/28, ROMP MX
   Round 9, 10/19, The Track at Holzhauer's
                          Dirt Classic/Halloween BASH!!!

   Round 10, 11/2, Boone Valley
  Ricky Rickords To Attend Mid-America Series
The Brett Downey Safety Foundation’s National Safety Advisor Ricky Rickords will be attending round 1 of the Mid-America Series. Ricky will be instructing the caution flaggers on technique, positioning, and the importance of a caution flagger. They will review the BDSF Instructional DVD, the caution flagger guidelines that includes a quiz, and understanding the flag system. To review our caution flagger material click here.  Furthermore, Ricky will be on-site to assist the Mid-America crew with any other safety needs.

We want to thank Ed LaChance and the Mid-America track crew for making the series as safe as possible and including us this year. The BDSF provides this service at no cost to the track owners and promoters. It’s your donation dollars at work. The Mid-America race series starts May 5th at Sky High MX Park in Old Appleton Missouri.

The mission of the Brett Downey Safety Foundation is to supplement the motocross community by increasing safety awareness of riders, parents, track owners, and promoters to make the sport of motocross as safe as possible, minimizing injuries and helping to preserve all motocross tracks. Moreover, the Foundation is a non-profit organization lead by a volunteer staff
A special thanks to sponsor RockAuto.com for providing wristbands for the event. Order auto parts online from RockAuto.com 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have them conveniently delivered to your door. RockAuto.com has everything from one lug nut to a new fender or remanufactured engine; all at everyday low prices. Visit www.RockAuto.com after the race and find all the parts your car or truck will ever need!
 Fly Racing   Fly Racing is donating Contingency
and $8,000 in gift cards to the series!
Register for Fly Contingency Program 
  Monster Energy is Title Sponsor for the 2013 Mid-America Series
We are proud to announce that the name synonymous with supporting the racing scene, athletes and fans ... Monster Energy ... will act as the title sponsor for the  Mid-America Series inaugural season.
  "Most companies spend their money on ad agencies, TV commercials, radio spots, and billboards to tell you how good their products are. At Monster we choose none of the above. Instead, we support the scene, our bands, our athletes and our fans. We back athletes so they can make a career out of their passion. We promote concert tours, so our favorite bands can visit your home town. We celebrate with our fans and riders by throwing parties and making the coolest events we can think of a reality.

At Monster we are all about the things you care about. What kid dreams about landing a 9 to 5 job? We all dreamed about being pro athletes, musicians and living the life. We know it takes encouragement and support to make that dream a reality, so we created the Monster Army to back the next generation pros, the future Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, Dave Mirra, Danny Kass and Rob Dyrdek’s.

In short, at Monster all our guys walk the walk in action sports, punk rock music, partying, hangin’ with the girls, and living life on the edge. Monster is way more than an energy drink. Led by our athletes, musicians, employees, distributors and fans, Monster is...A lifestyle in a can"
Sponsors - Mid-America Series sponsored by Monster Energy
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